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Universal baby footmuff, wind protection, pram foot cover

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liltourist universal baby footmuff: Perfect to keep your baby’s sensitive feet warm and cozy!

Especially in the unstable transitional period between autumn and winter, or between winter and spring, the padded foot cover is ideal to protect your baby from wind and splashing water or light drizzle. The combination of water-repellent outer material and light padding ensures optimal heat exchange.

UNIVERSAL: The liltourist footmuff fits most strollers and buggies of all manufacturers and types. Width at the bottom approx. 36 cm Length approx. 42 cm.

EASY AND FAST INSTALLATION: Simply pull the footmuff from the bottom over the footrest of your baby carriage and secure it to the frame of the baby carriage using the four Velcro straps.

WIND PROTECTION: Protects your baby optimally against wind and splash water or light drizzle. Perfect to keep the sensitive feet warm and cozy.

EASY CARE: If the liltourist foot cover for prams should get dirty, it can simply be wiped with a damp cloth or washed briefly by hand after a stronger soiling. Please do not put the footmuff in the dryer, the material dries very quickly in the air.

MATERIAL: 300D cloth and warm cotton. Weight: 220g

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