Currently our product range mainly revolves around safety, protection and travel accessories for parents and their children. We believe that focus is key to success so we really narrow down our target markets and use strong, compelling and clear branding to have more effective marketing spending. We want to use most of our time serving our best customers and building a stronger referral base – not wasting money for annoying advertising that nobody wants to see or cares about!

Baby Travel Accessories

The liltourist baby travel accessories help new parents stay organized. Think of all accessories new parents have to take with them when leaving home, like 2-in-1 backpacks that also serve as diaper bags, organizer bags for strollers and prams, car and travel accessories, airplane hammocks, harnesses, and so on.

We also focus on finding the best solutions that are not only useful but also stylish, like special diaper bags for men that look like elegant messenger bags. We are selecting only certified chemical-free materials and always choose organic materials when possible to keep the environment and the new families safe. We don’t compromise in any aspect regarding health, safety, wellbeing or staying organized and stylish.