The Best Products for Your Safety & Convenience

We see liltourist as a truly innovative and no-fluff consumer brand. All liltourist products were developed by researching market demands and flaws in existing products and creating better versions in high quality for affordable prices. We accomplish this by working directly with professional and specialized manufacturers and selling directly from the factory to you.

We Listen to What You Have to Say

We utilize the input from consumer reviews and the crowd, analyzing sentiments, trends, newly invented products on crowdfunding platforms like kickstarter, indiegogo, etc. to create improved products.

The liltourist product creation and improvement process

  1. research product demand, market trends, product ideas and innovations,
  2. create and improve products based on our research,
  3. find the most suitable and specialized manufacturer for a specific product,
  4. work directly with the manufacturer in a really close process,
  5. analyze customer feedback and continue improvement of our products

We strive to improve the relationship between you – our customers – and the people that are creating and producing your products. We want that your demands and requirements are directly met by clearly defining what you want and creating matching products at the most favorable price point by eliminating unnecessary middlemen that delay innovations and hinder communication.